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Completed Chapels of Hope

Hutchins State JailFrank Graham secured funding from Prestonwood Baptist Church, the Hillcrest Foundation in Dallas, and TDCJ, to build the first chapel at Hutchins State Jail in Dallas in April, 1997.

TDCJ Hughes Unit - In December, 1995, Kenneth Copeland Ministries donated funds to Chapel of Hope to build the second chapel at the Hughes Unit in Gatesville. Construction was completed in June, 1998.

TDCJ Mark Stiles Unit - In November, 1996, funds were raised by a group of businessmen in Beaumont, led by John Phares. Frank Graham coordinated a $350,000 grant with the Meadows Foundation, coordinated construction between TDCJ and the chapel contractor, and provided chapel amenities for the third chapel at TDCJ’s Mark Stiles Unit in Beaumont. The chapel was completed in April, 1999.

TDCJ Connally Unit -The TDCJ Connally Unit in Kenedy was funded by a group of businessmen from Austin, led by Curt Johnson. Frank Graham provided consulting, coordinated chapel design with the architect ,and supplied funds for the A/C system. The fourth chapel was completed in August, 1999.

Plane State Jail -The fifth chapel was completed in August, 2001, in Dayton and was funded primarily by the TDCJ Jail Division, led by Director Tom Baker. Frank Graham consulted with Director Baker, who had been inspired by the success of the Chapel of Hope at Hutchins State Jail. Frank helped a group of ladies from Houston  obtain amenities for the chapel.

Henley Unit - The sixth chapel was established at the Henley Unit in Dayton, where a previously unused room in the prison was converted to a chapel. Renovation was initiated by Chaplain Gary Pettigrew, who was inspired by Frank Graham and previous Chapel of Hope projects. Work was completed in December, 2002.

TDCJ Murray Unit - The seventh chapel, located in Gatesville, had its first service on Easter Sunday, April, 2003. It was funded primarily by four ladies from the Dallas area and by the Hillcrest Foundation, all of whom were recruited by Frank Graham.

TDCJ Wynne Unit - In December, 2010, in Huntsville, a restoration project for the eighth chapel was completed with the replacement of a severely damaged roof with a steel roof and steel siding to prevent nesting of bats in the chapel. Frank Graham secured funding for major grants from two donors, the Hillcrest Foundation, the Church of Latter Day Saints, and several Episcopal churches in Huntsville.