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What others say about Chapel of Hope

jack graham

“Chapel of Hope makes it possible for prisoners in our Texas prisons to experience the love and the grace of Jesus Christ. I believe in this ministry, and I am thankful for Frank Graham.”

Watch Video of Dr. Jack Graham introducing Frank at the 2015 Men's Conference, at Prestonwood Baptist Church, in Plano, Texas.



The Gurney Unit is where Texas prisoners are processed into the prison system from the county jails. It is extremely important to give these prisoners hope, and having a chapel does just that.

Wicks play_video

Jessie describes how critical it is to provide the hope of change to prisoners. The Chapel represents the fact that society hasn't given up on them.

Grasty play_video

Charles describes how the prisoners who are going through intake are traumatized by their current situation and receptive to Christ. Gurney needs a chapel to give them a place to worship.

Don speaks about the importance of having a Chapel at the Gurney Unit. Chapels provide the opportunity for worship, fellowship, family events, as well as assist the staff in organizing worship times.

“Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and Senator John Whitmire discuss the Darrington Seminary program and graduation. After visiting Angola and seeing their program, these men brought it back to Texas.”


Deborah Cockrell play video

Warden Deborah Cockrell Hutchins State Jail speaks about chapels in Texas prisons. This was filmed at the COH Awareness Luncheon at Southfork Ranch.

2.1 play video

Senior Chaplain Johnny Berry, discussing ministries occurring in Chapel of Hope st Hutchins State Jail.

James Reed Play Video

James Reed started the Faith Based dorm at Hutchins State Jail



“The women are asking us all the time about, ‘Where’s the chapel here?’ And we have to explain to them that we have church in rec areas every Sunday and that we are praying to be able to build a chapel.”

~ Chaplain Glory Siller,
TDCJ Plane State Jail Facility

zig ziglar

“Chapel of Hope is a chapel of change because it introduces these [inmates] to the Christ that we know and love as our Lord and Savior…. Not only do they have the chance to meet Him, but they also have the encouragement of being able to worship on a regular basis.”

~ Zig Ziglar
Author and motivational speaker


Chaplain 7

“Frank Graham first talked to me about this a few years ago. And I was a bit skeptical because the vision was so large, the vision of building a chapel in each of our institutions. But as I see what the Lord is doing in Chapel of Hope ministries, I came to understand that he indeed was hearing what God was saying and that, out of this, there will be chapels in each of those places, and it will be real and quality crime prevention going on all over the State of Texas.”

~ Chaplain Emmett Solomon,
TDCJ Director of Chaplains (ret)


Warden 9

“If we’re going to accomplish our mission as chaplains in this agency and deliver the kind of service in this agency that’s going to impact the inmate population and bring about the changes that we’re anticipating, then Chapel of Hope ministries is going to be key, because they’re the vehicle that God is going to use to raise up facilities to make available ministry to the inmate population. And we need the space to make it happen. We need chapels.”

~ Chaplain Jerry Groom,
TDCJ Director of Chaplains


Gov Bush

Governor George Bush awarded Frank Graham The Governor’s Volunteer Service Award on behalf of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.


Wayne Scott

TDCJ Executive Wayne Scott, who presented Frank Graham with the Directors Citation in 1997;

Bill Glass

Bill Glass, founder of Champions for Life, who honored Frank Graham in 2008 as a “Champion for Life” for his willingness to live a life of sacrificial giving, exhibited by his passion to bring people into the Kingdom of God.

Dr. Henry Blackaby, author of Experiencing God, who inspired Frank to tackle a mission so big that only God’s provision could make it happen and who personally supported the effort to build the first Chapel of Hope at Hughes State Jail in Dallas.